CrossFit Armada is an elite CrossFit training facility located in Pearland, Texas. We are centrally located within minutes from the robust Pearland Town Center and less than 10 miles from the renowned Houston Medical Center. Our facility encompasses over 10,000 sq. ft. of indoor training space atop of 2 acres of outdoor Pearland fun. CrossFit Armada is equipped with all new gear and equipment for your daily WODs (workout of the day). With qualified coaches and multiple WODs scheduled throughout the day, we are sure you will find a perfect time to join us! Come and be part of our team and put Pearland on the CrossFit map. 

Armada Challenge- Beginner's Comp 4/2/16

2016 Jan | By THE ARMADA


Early Bird Discount until the end of January.

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• No adv movements (DU, MU, Pull-ups, T2B, Ring Dips, OHS, etc)
• You do not have to be new to CF, but this is for the athletes that find regular scaled/RX competitions out of reach. 
CrossFit Armada
6009 Cottonwood St
Pearland. TX 77584

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2015 Dec | By THE ARMADA


End the year by committing to begin a new journey in fitness. Start CrossFit Armada now for only $70.

Fundamentals is a 6 class series that covers nutrition, CrossFit basics, and Armada life. The class is instructional and also includes mini-workouts to help you prepare for the regular WODs. The class meets on Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 pm and Saturday at 8:00 am for a 6 class series.

Follow this link below for registration and a coach will be contacting you soon.

Meet your Armadian: Imelda Bettinger

2015 Nov | By THE ARMADA


Meet your Armadian: Imelda Bettinger

Imelda BettingerTell us a little about your Non-CrossFit Life.

I am married and have 3 kids, a daughter and two sons. I worked in IT for 21 years before I stopped working in August 2015. I'm now a stay at home mom, a better cook and a chauffeur to many skateparks. I like to stay active and enjoy Rucking outside of CrossFit.

When did you begin your training at CrossFit Armada, and how has it influenced your life?

I started CrossFit a little over 2 years ago. I love it! I CrossFit and train in Barbell Club probably 6-7 times a week. I don't know if I'll ever get the 'eating right' down but everyday I wake up and try. I'm much stronger and feel anything is possible.

Crossfit also helps clear my head and helps me get exhausted so I can rest since I have trouble sleeping. I've made many great friends and love the people I WOD with. We have a great community and I'm so glad to be a part of it.

Biggest challenge with CrossFit?

Not being able to do pull-ups. During our last pull-up progression program I had a hurt shoulder and couldn't do any of the rig work. Now that I'm better, I'm ready to put the work in and finally get pull-ups. This upper body strength will hopefully also help me improve toes to bars and knees to elbows.

Favorite part of CrossFit?

Weightlifting! Barbell Club!

List some of your goals for the next 12 months and some recent accomplishments that you are proud to share.

A goal of mine for the next 12 months is to compete in a Masters Level Weightlifting competition.

As of this writing, in the last 3 weeks I've had 4 PRs. My new Back squat PR is 232#, new Snatch PR is 95# (Huge for me since that is my favorite lift), new Clean & Jerk PR is 120# and new Hang Clean PR of 125#! Pretty stoked about how strong I have gotten, body and mind, and want to keep improving.

What is your favorite and least favorite movement or workout? And why?

Favorite - Snatch lift - Just LOVE it!
Least - Burprees - I'm slow at them and they hurt my knee

What is your proudest moment at Armada?

My proudest moment at Armada is whenever the box gets together to do a Murph, 5th Mountain, Community WOD or host a competition. It takes a village and we have a great one!

Meet Your Armadian: Nina Robinson

2015 Nov | By THE ARMADA


Meet your Armadian: Nina Robinson

Nina RobinsonTell us a little about your Non-CrossFit Life.

I am 31 years old and have lived my entire life in Texas. I am married to my best friend and have a 3 year old son. Outside of Crossfit, I am either spending time with my family or working as a District Manager for a large telecommunications company. I also LOVE to read. If you can't find me at the box, with my family, or at work, then you'll probably find me hiding away from the world with a great book.

When did you begin your training at CrossFit Armada, and how has it influenced your life?

I began Crossfit when I briefly lived in San Antonio. Upon moving back to Houston about a year ago, I knew I wanted to continue working out. I had a couple of friends that worked out at Armada and encouraged me to join. I was still pretty early in my Crossfit life, so I felt insecure about making the commitment. On my first visit to Armada, I attempted a really difficult workout. I was struggling to make it through this workout. Although I didn't know everyone, they crowded around me and encouraged me to finish. There was no judgement! Only positive people pushing you to finish. I knew Crossfit Armada was the perfect place for me.

Biggest challenge with CrossFit?

My biggest challenge with CrossFit has been trying to find balance between my family and work. I've realized that once you find something you love, you figure how to create balance. It may mean you're getting up a little earlier or asking your significant other to take on a little extra responsibility. If you're working out occasionally and you don't feel motivated to make time to work out - you haven't found what you love yet and you need to keep looking.

Favorite part of CrossFit?

Squats, squats, and more squats. I love the feeling of squatting more than I did yesterday. I love knowing that if I see squats in a WOD, I'm going to rock it. Besides that being my favorite movement, I love the camaraderie of Crossfit. We are family. We hang out outside of the box and hold each other accountable to each others fitness goals. You won't find that everywhere.

List some of your goals for the next 12 months and some recent accomplishments that you are proud to share.

Over the next 12 months, I hope to accomplish full knees to elbow and toes to bar. Over the last 12 months, I've lost about 40 lbs and completely changed my eating habits. I also recently made it into the "200 club" on my back squat which was crazy exciting. When I first began Crossfit a year ago, the coach had to hold my feet in order for me to do sit-ups. It's incredible to see and feel the progress.

What is your favorite and least favorite movement or workout? And why?

Burpees. Ugh. I can't stand them. The thought of them makes my skin crawl. I have to "get my mind right" when I see them in a workout. They can be pretty draining, however you get a sense of accomplishment when you've finally finished them.

What is your proudest moment at Armada?

My proudest moment at Armada was the first time I was able to 'RX' a workout. Those are the ultimate proud moments when you've worked so hard to achieve an RX. I can't wait to see my progress in the coming years.

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