CrossFit Armada is an elite CrossFit training facility located in Pearland, Texas. We are centrally located within minutes from the robust Pearland Town Center and less than 10 miles from the renowned Houston Medical Center. Our facility encompasses over 10,000 sq. ft. of indoor training space atop of 2 acres of outdoor Pearland fun. CrossFit Armada is equipped with all new gear and equipment for your daily WODs (workout of the day). With qualified coaches and multiple WODs scheduled throughout the day, we are sure you will find a perfect time to join us! Come and be part of our team and put Pearland on the CrossFit map. 

Official GORUCK Training Facility

2015 Aug | By THE ARMADA


CrossFit Armada is now an official GORUCK training facility. We have a Rucking Team that meets weekly to prepare for events. We have also added components of rucking into our regular workout regimen. Email if you would like to train with us to prepare for your next GORUCK event.

Fundamentals Classes starting every week

2015 Jul | By THE ARMADA


We will have Fundamentals Classes starting every week, so there is no longer a need to wait. Start with CrossFit Armada now and join our awesome community!

Fundamentals is a 6 class series that covers nutrition, CrossFit basics, and Armada life. Tues and Thursday are at 7:30 pm and Saturday at 8:00 am.

Follow this link below for registration and a coach will be contacting you soon.

Meet your Armadian: Samantha Lannen

2015 Jul | By THE ARMADA


Meet your Armadian: Samantha Lannen

Samantha LannenTell us a little about your Non-CrossFit Life.

Hello! My name is Samantha Lannen and I am turning 25 years old in just a few short months. I grew up around the Houston area and just recently moved to Pearland after getting married to my amazing husband in 2012. I graduated from the University of Houston with my Bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Studies and am now pursing a Graduate degree through Lamar University in Educational Administration. I currently teach 4th grade Gifted and Talented students, but dream of one day leading my own school. My husband and I recently found out that we are expecting our first baby girl this December and we are ecstatic! In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with family, binge watching Netflix, and hanging out outdoors.

When did you begin your training at CrossFit Armada and how has it influenced your life?

I had always been pretty active throughout my school years, however, once college started, I pretty much fell out of a routine. I tried going to the local gym here and there but I always seemed to dread the process. This vicious cycle went on for a few years. I had been hearing about CrossFit but at the time, I didn't really know what I was getting myself into. After months and months of debating, one day I finally picked up the phone and called CrossFit Armada to start fundamentals in October 2014. I didn't realize at the time how out of shape and lazy I had become. I had no idea that this crazy sport would be something that I would soon fall in love with! I went from being terrified of going to class each day, to absolutely loving it. CrossFit has pushed me in so many ways and because of it, I have been able to do things I never thought possible. Before entering the Armada cave, I had never even picked up a barbell in my life! It has definitely changed my life for the better and I will never look back. 

Biggest challenge with CrossFit? 

My biggest challenge with CrossFit is having confidence in myself. I always second guess myself and don't believe that I can do it, but I am constantly improving with the help of my coaches pushing through the barriers that I set for myself.  

Favorite part of CrossFit? 

My absolute favorite part of CrossFit is the people that I have met along the way. I have been inspired by my coaches and all my WOD mates so much. It is amazing to see a group of people share a common interest and have genuine support for one another. Being at CrossFit Armada for less than a year and I have already made everlasting friendships that I am so grateful for.  

List some of your goals for the next 12 months and some recent accomplishments that you are proud to share.

My goals for the next 12 months: Continue working out regularly throughout my pregnancy, improve my strength each and everyday, be able to master strict pull-ups like a beast, and be able to RX as many WODs as possible once my pregnancy is over. A couple recent accomplishments include, participating in the CrossFit Open. Though I did not score as high as I could, I am just that more determined to do so next year. Another accomplishment was being a first time judge at the Armada Challenge. It was such a rewarding experience and I learned a lot about athletes and the sport itself.  

What is your favorite and least favorite movement or workout? And why?   

My favorite workout movements are planks, back squats, front squats, and hand stand push ups (even though I can't fully do one yet). My least favorite movement are snatches and OHS. For some reason, my body still hasn't quite adapted to these movements comfortably. 

What is your proudest moment at Armada?

I am proud to say that I competed in my first competition at the beginning of the year. Never in a million years did I think that I would do such a thing. The amount of nerves I experienced leading up to that day was unbelievable. But thanks for my comp partner, my coaches, and the gym members who came out to support, I made it through! Now I can't wait to compete in the next one! 

Armada Kids

2015 Jul | By THE ARMADA


Armada Kids meets two times a week on Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30-6:15pm. Ages 7-11.

Cost: $65.00 a month

The coach for this class is Melissa Miller. CF Level 1- Coach.

Follow this link to register.

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