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5th Mountain registration is open for December 10th.

On December 10th 2016, CrossFit Armada is hosting our 4th Annual Endurance Event - 5th Mountain. This challenge is for the endurance athlete that craves to confront one’s physical and mental boundaries by extending their work capacity to new levels. This is our 4th year performing this challenge, and we welcome everyone from the CrossFit community to join us in this benchmark.

This event may be performed either individually or in a team of two.

There are no judges, and we will collect times based on the honor system. Therefore, this is to establish a benchmark and to have fun within our community while promoting fitness. There will be a leaderboard posted at the completion of the event. ALL ATHLETES THAT SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE THE EVENT WILL RECEIVE A T-SHIRT AT THE CONCLUSION OF THE CHALLENGE.

Work Capacity: For time, with 20/12# vest: 100 Burpees, run 1 mile 100 Squats, run 1 mile 100 Sit-ups, run 1 mile 100 Push-ups, run 1 mile 100 Pull-ups, run 1 mile

Two heats will be available on December 10th at 7am and 9am. Athletes shall participate (team/individual) in the following categories:

RX+ : 20/12# weighted vest + all prescribed movements (Individual only).

RX : All prescribed movements with no vest (Individual only).

Scaled: Ring rows/Banded Pull-ups/and HR Push-ups allowed. (Team or Individual). Team may share movements, but both members must run.

Follow this link for registration (select individual or team):

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