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Day 1- Braswell - Armada Hero Week

Day 1- "Braswell" This hero WOD honors Christine Braswell, 40, who lost her life on 4/8/2017, after sustaining multiple injuries from an off-duty vehicle accident. She was a 12-year veteran and academy instructor with the Delray Beach PD, Swat Team Sniper and Delray Honor Guard. "She was a badass, and I/we wanted this to be just like her." The workout was created by coaches Wayne Lewis (of CrossFit iQ, West Palm Beach, FL) and Nancy Capano, "based on Christine and who she was:" 40 minutes, one for each year of her life; 12 Burpees, one for each year of her service; 9 and 18 reps, for her badge #918; Hang Cleans were a movement she liked and also represent her gear to be carried; Wall Ball Shots, for a sniper's accuracy; Sandbag Run, for having to run while carrying gear. One report of her passing said the day of her accident "was supposed to be day one of a multiple day shoot" in which "a news crew was going to follow her to a CrossFit workout, a woman’s self-defense class she taught, and ride along with her during field training of up and coming officers. We won’t be able to do those things now. She was killed in a car accident in the Keys on Saturday." It continued, "Braswell’s not married and doesn’t have kids. But she has family. She’s trained basically every Delray Beach Police Department officer." 

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