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Fitter You 6 Week Challenge - 08/21

Fitter You 6 Week Challenge

THE FITTER YOU 6 WEEK CHALLENGE is for anyone ready to make a change in their life. You will attend group classes 3 times per week and have a nutritional plan with ongoing support. Together, with your fellow challengers, you will experience a coach led fitness class in mobility, strength and conditioning, and basic body movement skills that shall enhance your general fitness.

Each hour long class is led by a certified coach that individually modifies your workouts to assure the best possible experience. This allows you to have the workout necessary in order to continue ongoing success. Each class is progressive, so you will find yourself learning something new everyday. Classes are offered Monday and Wednesday at 5:15am, 6:00pm, or 7:00pm; Friday at 5:15 am and 6:30pm; and Saturday bonus classes are at 9:00 a.m.

That means you can attend up to 24 classes within 6 weeks.

A nutritional plan will be provided at the beginning of the challenge. In addition to the plan, you will receive ongoing support from your coach that shall make sure you are on track to a Fitter You. We will provide the do's & don'ts, menu's, nutritional education, community forums, and direct contact with your coach for ongoing questions. Our goal is to teach you how to fuel your workouts to enhance your performance and to enjoy life with the vast food options that this world has to offer.


The FITTER YOU CHALLENGE is for those committed to attending a group fitness class at least 3 times a week, tracking their nutrition, and for those willing to work hard to make a difference. Let this be the beginning to a Fitter You. Join us in this challenge and experience excellent coaching that delivers results.

* No prior experience is required. All fitness levels welcomed. * Must be committed to do the whole 6 week challenge, at least 3 days a week. * We will be taking before and after photos and measurements.


Sign up now, and you will be contacted by your coach within 24 hours. You must register before the challenge begins on July 5th. We will then schedule an orientation to the program and take all necessary measurements and pictures. You will leave with your nutritional plan and full instructions on everything you need to begin your new fitness journey.

The price of the 6 week program is $200 for up to 24 coach led classes, mobility work, and nutritional consultation. REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS 8/18/2017.

Challenge begins on August 21st - September 30th

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