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Dayna Willbanks

Tell us about yourself My name is Dayna Willbanks, I’m 35 years old; a wife, mom to 3 girls and small business owner. I’ve always tried to be active on some level. I went through a phase a long time ago where I thought I had to spend hours in the gym to get results. Then I did Bikram yoga for several years but I also had a few years sprinkled in there where I wasn’t very active at all. How long have you been a member and what do you enjoy the most about of CF Armada? I just joined CF in December and I love working out with a group of people where we can encourage and push each other through the intensity of the workouts. Whether you finish first or last doesn’t matter because everyone is pushing themselves and putting in their max effort. And I love how every workout is so different from the last. What goals accomplishments have you achieved since joining? When I started at CrossFit Armada, I was 6 months postpartum and my weight had not been budging! It was 10 years since I had my last kid and the weight come off fairly easily then. That was not the case this time around! A few weeks after I joined, we started a group challenge to eat healthy, meal prep and show up for the workouts as much as possible. I started tracking my macros and while I’ve always thought I ate healthy, I had no idea how much I was actually eating. During those 8 weeks, I lost 13 pounds and 13 inches! It was so rewarding to be able to see results of all the hard work. And as corny as it sounds, I feel like I’m just getting started. CF and macro tracking has completely shifted my mindset and I understand that anybody can transform their body with the right help, knowledge and desire. What would you say to someone thinking about starting CrossFit? To anyone that has thought about trying CF but for whatever reason hasn’t; I say, just do it!!! I’ll be honest, it’s something I’ve wanted to try for years but I was too scared. I didn’t think I was strong enough or in shape enough and I had no idea what all the movements and lingo were. But that’s ridiculous! That’s why you start; so you can become strong, confident and get in shape! Favorite Movement OR Favorite WOD? One of my favorite movements would probably be anything upside down. I think handstands/handstand push ups and wall walks are pretty fun. It’s kind of hard for me to choose my favorite WOD because I’m still learning a lot and so much of these moves are new to me. But partner wods are fun and anytime I can RX a workout, it becomes my new fave!

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